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Project type

dual exhibition




Zagreb, Meštrović pavillion


Nikola Bojić

The grand narrative of capitalism often relies on Darwin’s theory of natural selection according to which the strongest survive and the weaker ones gradually disappear along with their genetic material. But what if “the weaker ones” have actually never disappeared, but are incorporated into dominant entities from where they produce continuous, radical metamorphoses.

The Grammar of Lichens provides a dive into a life of lichens – bizarre and complex living forms emerging from the symbiotic partnership of two separate organisms, a fungus and an alga. Through a series of high-resolution digital images and 3D prints, collided with lichens collected in Lithuanian forests, I experiment with dramatically different logics of genesis, change and growth. By mashing designed, imaginary and real species, the exhibition faces us with the present and future of our own environments and bodies, which can no longer be observed through the orthodox divide between organic-inorganic, human-nonhuman, digital-analogue.

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