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Symbiotic Structures

Project type

Research project






Start Stipendium funded by Austrian Cultural Ministry

Lichens are the symbiotic organisms between fungi and algae, which perform as the miniature ecosystems. Colonies of lichens are spectacular in appearance, dominating the surface of visual landscape by different species scattered together. Particularly interesting I find their form diversity and metamorphosis as well as multiplication and adaption to almost any surface and even the most extreme environments.

Goal of this multi-disciplinary project is to study the variety of lichen forms and introduce it’s symbiotic qualities to architectural design. During the process of research I will work on parallels between natural and digital, questioning new ideas and work possibilities influenced by digital media. What kind of drawing tools- software can simulate nature‘s complexity? How to innovate nature‘s data in architecture? How can we design such diverse and intricate forms? How to fabricate the symbiotic material compositions?

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