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Forest Tectonics

Project type

Residency at Rupert




Tech Arts Vilnius

Project “Forest Tectonics” is a manifest to natural form and materiality of the forest architecture. Following the experimental work process, I investigate forest aesthetics, surface and pattern systems to create exceptional architectonic material possibilities. During the residency at Rupert I observed the natural tree bark surfaces around the building. I compared them with the wood-cladded facade and it’s lichenized surfaces. By simulating the forest growth patterns as a wide screen projections on the sterile gallery walls I proposed to rethink who is the architect there.

The objectives of this project is to promote architectural diversity, enhance the relationships between the natural and man-made environment, apply and integrate technological possiblities in the creation of space. Comparing self-organizing, uncontrolled, patchy, intricate and interconnected tree bark structures with today’s rational, functional, emotionless environment, I state that the reality around us is a fiction, there are no pure and homogeneous surfaces around. Modern culture must rethink the aesthetics, means and perception of space of the newly created reality.

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