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Architecture of Lust

Project type

group exhibition






Tautvydas Urbelis


Lukas Mykolaitis

The works in the exhibition act as subtle references that create a multifaceted, desire-ridden architectural experience. Instead of a linear historiographical narrative, visitors of “Architecture of Lust” will have the opportunity to embark on an experiential composition that encapsulates the results of five years of research.

Within the scenography of an old wooden house’s attic, “Architecture of Lust” confesses the secrets of a lustful city. It whispers stories of seduction, transgression and the surreptitious past. At the same time, the exhibition cherishes the living and heterogenous city; a city fervidly resisting the rationale of the present.

My 3d printed artworks in this context suggests to look at the smallest architectural organic particles and experience the vulnerability of textural materiality.

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